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Don't Schedule Interruptions

Appointments with the dentist, inconsequential meetings and infuriating phone calls get dedicated blocks of time while real work becomes an orphan. What if you scheduled your work in an intuitive way with maximum visibility?

Harness Psychology

Your present self is terrible at deciding what to do next but it's great at deciding what should be done in the future. Take advantage of this quirk in your psyche and quickly and effectively schedule your future and maximize your results.

Review your progress

Aika allows you to quickly and easily tag time blocks which gives you maximum visibility on how you've been allocating your time. Use this to track your time for clients or review your priorities to more effectively chase your goals.

Timeboxing Works

A 40 hour time-blocked work week, I estimate, produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure.

Cal Newport - Author of Deep Work

[My day] rarely goes exactly how I planned, but it does… keep me on task, and a lot less likely to go down the Facebook rabbit hole, or get distracted by something else because I know that if I take too much time on this task, it pushes the rest of my schedule back.

Abby Lawson - Forbes

When we have all of our tasks placed into a specific date, time, and duration, we sleep more soundly knowing everything that needs to get done is in its place.




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