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Agency owners, SMBs, solopreneurs, and students are increasingly adopting the practice of time blocking, also known as monotasking or time chunking. It’s a straightforward concept: you block off time in your calendar to dedicate to a specific project or task, working without interruption. Even luminaries like Elon Musk swear by it.

The many benefits of time blocking are well-documented in the business pages. But are the latest round of productivity apps truly necessary?

How Time Blocking Apps Have Perfected the Process

Research has shown that time blocking can improve productivity by as much as 80%. We all know it’s possible to achieve impressive feats when you focus for an hour or two. With time blocking, your schedule becomes your touchstone and helps the fight against procrastination, replacing to-do lists and ensuring that you follow through with your objectives.

By scheduling your time in advance, it’s easier to say no to non-priorities. You can guard against perfectionism and avoid being a people pleaser. A recent University of California study found that it takes an average of 23 minutes to get back on track after a workplace interruption. That’s almost 5% of your workday!

It’s counterintuitive to manage your system the old-fashioned way, with cumbersome paperwork, as this only serves to add unnecessary hassle around storage, organization, and search and retrieval. It’s a good job, then, that today’s workers realize the advantages of managing and keeping their time blocks in digital form.

For example, Aika’s time blocking app enables much faster and deeper analysis, together with vastly improved time estimate planning.

Track Your Performance

Users can quickly achieve a breakdown of where their time goes every day. This helps workers to more effectively allocate time slots for certain tasks in the future, auditing their time and performance with the pursuit of continuous improvement in mind. Our app can also help you to reduce time anxiety by visualizing your plan against to-do lists.

Check a visual calendar showing each day you committed to executing a specific task or activity and each day you successfully contributed to it.

With Aika, it’s easy to record where your time went during the week. When Friday comes around, you can look back on your achievements and milestones with pride. The most convenient thing is that all of these features — and more — can be managed through a single, user-friendly, intuitive interface.

What’s different about Aika is that our app users get the tracking system for free, without any additional work, since you’ve already recorded the data.

Finally, you have everything you need to boost workplace productivity in one place. Aika helps you to stop being a time optimist and live your work life on your own terms.

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Jennifer Scholes

Social Media Coordinator

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