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Time is our most valuable asset, but it may not always be on our side – especially when pursuing professional or academic goals. If managing your time effectively has always felt too good to be true, it’s time to consider blocking out your time – literally.

Let’s talk about one of the most powerful time management strategies that you’re not utilizing: time blocking. Read on for the full blog.

Time blocking with aika
Time Blocking With The Aika Schedule

What Is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is one of the many time management strategies — like task batching and time boxing — that involves assigning fixed time periods to activities. The only difference, though, is that it requires strict reservation of your time and your day to be divided into blocks with each block dedicated to accomplishing a specific task and nothing else.

If you find yourself never following through with the morning routine of your dreams, with emails sitting in your inbox waiting for a reply, or with busy work that’s constantly being interrupted with meetings, these tasks now have a dedicated time in your calendar with time blocking, enabling you to take full control of your daily schedule rather than the other way around.

And while time blocking may feel like keeping a rigid schedule with no wiggle room for the unfamiliar, it’s far from it. In fact, it’s best to think of blocking your time as a framework for your day rather than a schedule you’re trapped in. Even if your day doesn’t go as planned, choosing to block time will eliminate distractions and help you stay focused on the task at hand with ease.

Why Does Time Blocking Work?

There’s a reason your traditional open-ended to-do list won’t help you get the most out of your daily schedule.

Unlike time blocking, the traditional paper-to-pen to-do list offers no context for your most important tasks. In other words, you know what you need to do, but exactly when it will be done and how long it will take is unknown.

That’s where time blocking comes in to save the day.

Instead of splitting your attention across multiple tasks, time blocking zeros in on your focus with one task at a time, consciously. Moreover, by filling your calendar with tasks intentionally, you’re making your schedule doable as your mind is focused on completing one task at a time, and you’re making a conscious effort of where your time is placed.

Reclaim Your Time With Aika

No one likes feeling controlled by their daily schedule. Conquer procrastination and start maximizing your potential with Aika, our clean and efficient time blocking app.

Whether you’re an easily distractable student or an ambitious entrepreneur, Aika will help you schedule work instead of interruptions, helping you reclaim your time and be your most productive self. Visit Aika to learn more and join our growing community of 20,000 blocks already scheduled today.

Jennifer Scholes

Social Media Coordinator

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